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USS Gettysburg

An Independant Harry Potter/Star Trek Fanclub

The USS Gettysburg -- Harry Potter and Star Trek i
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The cult phenomenon known as Star Trek began back in 1964, when an unknown by the name of Gene Roddenberry pitched his idea for a new show. His new show was to be a western of sorts, but none like the networks had seen before. Inside of six shooters they would have ray guns, instead of covered wagons they would have starships, and instead of forging themselves across the vast unknown lands of the wild west, the would be forging across the vast unknown territory of space. Well this show went to pilot form and the TV execs liked it but did something unheard of in TV, they requested a second pilot, because they felt this first one was too cerebral for TV viewers.

So on September 8th, 1966 at 8pm on a Thursday night the new show known as Star Trek hit the airwaves. And the rest is pretty much history. The show took off as far as its fans were concerned. It became so popular that when NBC tried to cancel the show after one season they started the great letter writing campaign. And the fans saved their beloved show. But alas once again the show was on the cutting block and this time no matter what the fans did it was off the air after just seventy-nine episodes.

But no one was prepared for what followed. Someone came up with the idea to do a Star trek convention in the 1970's and they were expecting a couple of hundred people to show and thousands showed. In 1972 to cult world of Star trek got another boost in the form of an animated episodes that continued the Enterprises mission after the series was done, but alas it was cancelled only after twenty-two episodes.

But although there were these set backs the fandom strived and grew, to the point of more conventions, books, and even fan clubs and stories written by the fans. As well as several movie and four other TV series based on this wagon train to the stars.

Many, many years later, another phenomenon began to sweep the hearts and minds of children and adults everywhere. Written by British author J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter series fired the imaginations of millions. Although set in a completely different genre (fantasy) thank Star Trek (science-fiction), this series nevertheless dealt with, in a different a unique way, many of the issues which Star Trek first explored.

In the early part of the 21st Century, a small group of like-minded Star Trek and Harry Potter fans, who at the time were members of another Star Trek fan club, began developing an idea for a new kind of Star Trek fan fiction series. This series would share many common threads with cannon Star Trek and other Star Trek fan fiction, yet would be radically different. Rather than the stories taking place in the Star Trek universe we all know and love, this series would take place in one of the thousands of alternate realities that exist. And rather than being a Star Trek only series, this new storyline would merge the worlds of Star Trek and Harry Potter. The result was, what they believed, one of the most exciting, interesting and freshest fan fiction series to date.

After nearly a year of developing and writing, the founders of the U.S.S. Gettysburg decided that the time had come for them to step away from the club of which they were a part and establish themselves as an independent organization.

What is U.S.S. Gettysburg?
Simply put, the U.S.S. Gettysburg is an independent (meaning not associated with any other organization) Star Trek and Harry Potter fan club. We are committed to spreading the ideals put forth by Gene Roddenberry’s inspiring vision of the future and J.K. Rowling’s book series, as well as lobbying for the continuation of manned and unmanned space exploration.

Aside from these lofty goals, we are also an organization interested in having fun. To that end we have created a fictional world combining Star Trek and Harry Potter to write fan fiction for. Our members create characters and write stories. Additionally we attend Star Trek and Harry Potter conventions.